Whack Attack!

20130821-030245 PM.jpg

It’s Whacking day in the US, so what is there better to do at the EA HQ than make new art, currency and a reward structure to celebrate? (If you are across the pond like me, Whacking Day is a national holiday where they kill snakes for awards.)
20130821-030227 PM.jpg
The aim of this event is that you hit snakes in your overrun Springfield to receive rewards (like money-making buildings and characters) and get eggs so you give your Origin friends more snakes. The more snakes you hit, the more prizes you get!
Here are some of the prizes you can get:

20130821-030448 PM.jpg

20130821-030533 PM.jpg
There’s also new events, including one for Apu (to his demise)

20130821-030622 PM.jpg
And new outfits and items!

20130821-030800 PM.jpg
This item is a training snake, which is part of Homer’s event for his Ninja outfit.

20130821-030823 PM.jpg
You could also buy these stalls, which I recollect have no purpose other than being a souvenir.

20130821-031008 PM.jpg

Obviously, there would be an in game currency. You can place eggs in other peoples’ towns and they hatch to become a snake. You get them by batting snakes.

20130821-031234 PM.jpg

20130821-031313 PM.jpg

Here are some other pictures from the event.

20130821-031425 PM.jpg

20130821-031447 PM.jpg

20130821-031544 PM.jpg

20130821-031608 PM.jpg

20130821-031634 PM.jpg

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