New season means new content

20121110-063645 PM.jpg

The Halloween event has ended, but there is more coming! But, I hear you ask, happened during the Treehouse event? Well, let’s have a looksee.


20121101-092225 AM.jpg

20121101-092422 AM.jpg
Scary Toys

20121101-092510 AM.jpg
Weird Places

20121101-092724 AM.jpg
A new currency set

Quite expensive Lazers

20121101-093342 AM.jpg
But free donuts!

20121101-095018 AM.jpg
Oh, and Burns Monster.

20121110-063425 PM.jpg
It was an amazing event, with a lot of extra (and expensive) content. But the fun isn’t over yet! Yep, the Simpsons are celebrating Thanksgiving. (Oh, do you like the new loading screen?)
You can buy a manner of character balloons, including:

20121110-064108 PM.jpgSanta’s Little Helper

20121110-065024 PM.jpgBlinky the three eyed fish

20121110-065120 PM.jpgAnd finally, Scratchy!
What do you think about the Treehouse event? Are you enjoying the Thanksgiving parade event? Are you annoyed about the high costs? Post something below! 🙂

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