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The Halloween update has come from EA, and it is packed full of new content, even a new promotional currency set!


20121007-095750 AM.jpg
Lisa and Millhouse have a new 16 hour task, Trick and Treating. Their costumes change for the duration of the task and it is worth a sweet (see Currency) . Also, after completing the calendar (see Zombies, below) you receive a form of a new feature, modes! You get a new mode for Homer, Mayan Homer, and he does different Mayan tasks (eg Binge on Maize) aswell as a Mayan related character (see Zombies, below).
When you receive the Zombie pack, you get a zombie graveyard, which looks like this:
20121007-103144 AM.jpg On the right is the free Zombie Graveyard, given by Homer. On the left is a extra $1000 pet cemetery.

Every 10 hours or so, zombies come out of the graveyard and try to infect your characters. If you squish them, you get a free promotional currency item, or a “Mysterious Artefact”. This is part of a daily collectible Mayan Calendar, which was given piece by piece until today, when the Treehouse of Horror was broadcasted (In the UK, it hasn’t yet but hey). It looks a little like this:
20121007-103830 AM.jpg
After you complete it, the Mayan God Character appears! He asks a question related to the upcoming ToH episode (My answer was The Zune, dunno what the question was), and you receive a Skin/ Mode for Homer, namely Mayan Homer:20121007-104527 AM.jpg20121007-104600 AM.jpgMayan Homer
20121007-034743 PM.jpgMayan God
Finally, you can buy certain Limited edition (31 Oct 2012) products using sweets you receive from squashing zombies. You also receive Mysterious Artefacts (see above) and toilet paper + eggs which you can use to vandalise your Origin friends’ houses and plants!

That’s really all there is to it! I will post more information when I find it. For now, if you have any question, just ask in the comments below! 🙂

Happy tapping,


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